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A warm welcome, OneSignal user. This page is a temporary page and for limited time only.


You are the very first to know about the new Donttearmedown contest. The contest is open and online for the public as of now, however we will not publish anything about this contest until Sunday 7 October 2018, 6PM Central European Summer Time. So take this as an exclusive chance to see and use the contest pages as first one.

First one

You can be the first one to enter our brand new RESIST contest. This special page for OneSignal users is online for short time only. So go, go, go, join our contest!

What’s the contest for? Well, RESIST. The upcoming studio album by Within Temptation. Each and everyone of you can get up to SIX chances to WIN this album on CD! Check out our RESIST splash page for more information and the contest pages.

Within Temptation RESIST on CD Win RESIST by Within Temptation on CD. Click for more information.