Public Announcement -
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Public Announcement

Donttearmedown has been around since 2005. Almost thirteen years, serving the most recent Within Temptation news, photos and videos with other Within Temptation fans. Nowadays, the site is bigger than ever before, this is not always a success. We know this and would like to explain certain things to you with this post.


The beginning

When we look back at the beginning of Donttearmedown – as All My Thoughts Are With You Forever (yes, that name was way too long, lol) and later known as FrozenWithin – we could not have been any happier we ever decided to start this website. We are mostly thankful for all the help and bumps in the road. We are nowadays bigger and stronger than ever before.


From expectations to mad faces

Back in mid-2017, one of our former admins posted – together with our current administrator – an item filled with expectations based on facts and rumours. Yes, the post where Donttearmedown told you ‘Within Temptation was coming to an end’ and ‘the next album might be the last’. Most people will now know what we’re talking about. This post was probably not the best post Donttearmedown has ever published in its rich history. However, we nowadays still believe this post has changed the view of fans. The post was also based on facts and many things were released and confirmed by the band at a later stage.

‘Within Temptation is coming to an end’ was one of the most tricky speeches Donttearmedown published in this post. We have received a lot of mad faces and hate comments and emails on this quote. We would like to apologise to everyone who got upset with this speech. But would like to clarify, this was not a rumour and later confirmed by singer Sharon den Adel in an interview.

The ‘Midnight Sky EP’ is still a big mystery to us. Is it a fan who tried to be funny, or was it really supposed to be released? The EP turned up in the music database of We created a post based on the information found. Since we have not heard anything else about this EP, we cannot deny or confirm anything about this at this stage.

‘Within Temptation will become Resist Temptation’ – we got to agree on this one. We tried how a clickbait item worked on Donttearmedown. The  big boys nowadays work with clickbait items and this was the right opportunity to check how it would work out for this website. At the moment of publishing this post, the band made it unclear what direction they were going into. Now we know, the album will be called RESIST and we are forced to resist temptation.

It is never our intention to share fake news (as we call published rumours nowadays). We always share the news we find worthy to publish and always carefully prepare our items.


Own power

Since the beginning until the day of today, Donttearmedown is a fan site built on own power. Meaning we do not get sponsored or supported from any external source. This way, we publish external links with affiliate programs (which give us not even 10 cents per purchase) and display Google ads on our site (which also poorly pays us). This is the only way for a fan site like Donttermedown to remain online.

Our sites are as professional looking as possible. DTMD Productions, a sister company of Donttearmedown, is creating the websites for Donttearmedown and its sub-pages (e.g. My Indigo and RESIST Temptation). This is in no way meant for people to confuse our websites with the official ones. We love design and are forcing ourselves with new designs each and every time.


Our direction

In our latest internal meeting, we decided to renew our direction. Be an even more open door to fans. We’re not going to sit and hide any longer, we’re here for fans. We will start publishing on more regular base, will publish #Throwbacks on each Thursday for a limited period. We also start with some magazine translations, photo uploads and more nice things are just around the corner. This way, we hope to gain trust in those who lost trust in Donttearmedown as source for the Dutch rock band Within Temptation.



We would like to apologise to those who do not agree with what Donttearmedown has published over the past years. We always try to be as active as possible. We will remain online and active in our current state. Please note that we always explain if an item is a rumour or confirmed.



We appreciate every kind of feedback. Do not hesitate sending us your feedback via form below, visit us on Facebook or Tweet us. Many thanks for your trust over the past years. Almost 13 years – and not yet ready to stop! Here’s to more years.

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