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Within Temptation released instrumental albums
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07 February 2021

Remember the days when Within Temptation did not release their official instrumental tracks? Some have seen the daylight for a short time, or were used in BTS-videos on YouTube, but after years and years, Within Temptation now finally released three old albums as instrumental albums on streaming platforms! Hip-hip-hurray!

Within Temptation 2007 The Heart of Everything Erwin Olaf
Promotional photo by Erwin Olaf. Click to enlarge.

With their 2014-release “Hydra“, Within Temptation finally listened to a long-asked wish by fans, they released the official instrumentals of the album with the deluxe box set. The albums prior to this release were never officially released, but used in BTS-videos on YouTube and some have seen the daylight for a very short time. Even though fans were asking the band to officially release them for a long time, the band did not respond to the wish. Until today.

Official Instrumental albums on streaming platforms

Within Temptation is an independent band as of late-2020 with their release “Entertain You” they said goodbye to their earlier label Vertigo. The band now releases music on their own “Force Music”, which was founded in 2014.

Earlier this year, the band already uploaded their music video for “Ice Queen” to their official YouTube page for the very first time. It seems the band finally received the rights to release their previous music and videos on their own label.

Within Temptation promotional photo 2004 album release The Silent Force
Promotional photo for “The Silent Force”. Click to enlarge.

Stream today

As of today, you can finally stream three full albums as instrumental versions on the mayor streaming platforms!