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Throwback: Albums – Enter (1997)
01 November 2018

On Thursdays we throwback. Starting this week, we will start with a throwback of the Within Temptation albums in the past. This week: The 1997-debut album “Enter“.

Debut album

It all started in 1997, when the Dutch gothic metal band Within Temptation signed a record deal with the Dutch label DSFA (Does Not Stand For Anything). The band was active before, under different names and with different band members. The actual formation of Within Temptation started in 1996.

Begin 1997, one week after their signing deal with the label DSFA, the band started recording their debut album “Enter”. The tracks were renewed versions of track which were released in an earlier stage. The record was recorded in Studio Moskou in Utrecht, the Netherlands and was completed in just under three weeks. Co-founder and guitarist Robert Westerholt about the record;

It was incomparable to the first recordings we did earlier, this one was much more professional. After all a quick but nice experience. “Enter” was recorded in just two weeks and mixed in about three days, so it was difficult for us. We couldn’t take time to develop songs. But it was a nice experience for our first album.

Instrumental album

The debut album of the Dutch gothic metal band is very instrumental based, compared to records later released by the band. Many of the songs are instrumental based and have fewer lyrics compared to instrumental pieces. The lyrics are dark, which is the main reason why the debut album later was classified as gothic doom metal.

The album does not have any music videos.

Within Temptation to release Enter The Dance on CD

Official CD artwork and presentation. Click to enlarge.

Enter on digital and physical media

Nowadays, fans can still enjoy the early work of Within Temptation. Nowadays, songs from the debut album are rarely performed live. Many of its songs were performed only in the year of release and one year after. The most recent performance of the “Enter” release was “Candles”, back on M’era Luna in 2016.

Next to live performances, the album is available throughout digital and physical outlets.