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VROUW: Sharon den Adel – Part Four
24 October 2018

In the following weeks, we will give you the full translation Sharon den Adel had with the Dutch magazine VROUW Glossy. This week, the final part – part four – of the honest, pure and open interview with the singer of Within Temptation.

Read the previous parts here.

VROUW Glossy

This is part four of the interview with Within Temptation singer Sharon den Adel.

Sharon den Adel My Indigo VROUW Glossy Magazine Interview Within Temptation 01

Sharon den Adel by Feriet Tunc. Click to enlarge.

About the location

The picturesque Radboud castle in the Dutch town Medemblik is situated at the IJsselmeer, with a terrace on the waterfront. It is also the home of the birds Sharon is photographed with. 


Sharon’s favourites 

Artist from your youth

“Olivia Newton-John, haha! My first big idol. Olivia was everything I was not: blonde, romantic… She was the reason I started singing. Until I was 12, I sang Grease songs in a daily basis  I still know them by heart.”


Clothing item

“A dress. It’s the symbol for femininity. I became known for my prom and bridal inspired dresses, that were inspired by the cover of fantasy books. Women on those covers wear the most epic dresses. And because my boyfriend will never propose to me – he’s not into marriage – I kinda grabbed my chance to wear dresses like that haha!”



“Before Game of Thrones became a hit, a lot of people thought the fantasy genre was a bit childish. Which is unfair, especially if you read the George R.R. Martin books. They are amazing and very philosophical. Those 600 page books, I’ve read them all.”



“Live and let live. As a kid I felt like you get a set of rules to live by and that you could never be the true you. That was difficult.”



“My weight has always been a struggle. I try to pay attention to what I eat, but I love life too much to give up everything unhealthy. So I have a personal trainer, who makes me work hard!”

Sharon den Adel My Indigo VROUW Glossy Magazine Interview Within Temptation 02

Sharon den Adel with the owner of the birds, Birdlive. Click to enlarge.



Thanks for reading part four of the interview. You can re-read all four pieces of this beautiful interview online.

Original text: Jeroen Mei | Translated text: Anique | Production & Styling: Brigitte Kramer | Photography: Feriet Tunc | Makeup: Borka Florentinus


A big thank you to all of you who read the four part interview. What would you like to see next, on Donttearmedown? Leave us your feedback in our contact form, and we might use it in the future.