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VROUW: Sharon den Adel – Part One
17 October 2018

In the following weeks, we will give you the full translation Sharon den Adel had with the Dutch magazine VROUW Glossy. This week, part one of the honest, pure and open interview with the singer of Within Temptation.

“My kids come first now”

Sharon den Adel (44) became world famous with Dutch rock band Within Temptation, but that did have its downsides. After yet another tour with the band, she had a breakdown. How is she doing now? An open conversation about her true love, the guilt she feels towards her children and the art of letting go.

Sharon den Adel VROUW Glossy 01

Sharon den Adel by Feriet Tunc. Click to enlarge.

You took a much needed break with Within Temptation. How are you doing now?

“I’m doing fine, but it still feels like an emotional rollercoaster, to be honest. (Sharon gets emotional and pushes back tears) I’m sorry, my father recently passed away and I’m the kind of person that has a hard time saying goodbye. Just like letting go. That’s something that I need to learn. I wasn’t raised to be religious, but I hope there’s something there after this life. I would love that, seeing your loved ones again.”


What disease did your father have?

“He had cancer in his bladder, he has been sick for 3 years. Last January they told him he was terminal. When they diagnosed him, he refused to let the disease beat him. ‘I’ll simply recover’ he said. But with this kind of cancer that’s hard, I discovered after a bit of research. At the time he got sick, I wrote my solo album My Indigo. I dedicated the album to him. The songs are small, sensitive and very personal. You can’t compare it to the symphonic rock of Within Temptation. I look back at my childhood, at the things I’ve experienced with the band and the things that happened in my life. It helped me to put things to rest.”

After the last tour, a couple of years ago, you had a breakdown. What happened?

“After a tour I normally burst with inspiration to write and work on a new album. Me and the producer went into the studio, but this time, nothing happened. Everything was mediocre or emotionless. It was like hitting a wall, very frustrating. After the fifth or sixth studio appointment that led to nothing, I started panicking. I was always able to make music. Writing songs was always a coping mechanism for emotions and things in life. Music always got me through things, and it didn’t anymore. I lost my biggest passion.”


And then?

“I decided to take time off to do fun things and spend quality time with my family. I have 3 young kids (Luna (12), Aiden (9) and Logan (7)) of whom I missed a lot because I travel the world most of the year. Their dad does a fantastic job, but they have to miss me during school plays, swimming exams and that kind of stuff. Also I wanted to spend time with my dad, now I still had the chance. It was a time for me to get my life back in order. In your 40s, it’s time to do some self reflection, looking back on your childhood. Which pain hasn’t been solved? What needs to be done differently in the future? All the things you ask yourself during a midlife crises.”

Sharon den Adel Vrouw Glossy Within Temptation Interview 2018 Part Two Teaser


Thanks for reading part one of the interview. On Saturday 20 October 2018, the second part of this interview will be published online.

Original text: Jeroen Mei | Translated text: Anique | Production & Styling: Brigitte Kramer | Photography: Feriet Tunc | Makeup: Borka Florentinus