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Throwback: Sharon den Adel and Liefde voor Muziek
Liefde Voor Muziek
27 September 2018

From Monday 16 April until 28 May 2018, Sharon den Adel was joining the artists at the Belgian TV show “Liefde voor Muziek“. Each week, they’d cover songs from each other in their own way. In two weeks, we will head back in time with a throwback to this TV show and the songs the Dutch singer has covered in her own way. From heavy and bombastic, like Within Temptation, to small and fragile, like My Indigo.

Big and bombastic

That is to describe the first cover song by the Dutch singer-songwriter. In the first week of the TV show, the Belgian singer Coco Jr. was the main artist of the week. All artists were about to cover songs from Coco Jr. Sharon covered the song “Just What I Need Tonight”, in a big and bombastic way. She sure made a steady introduction to the other artists and what she’s capable of.

Sharon den Adel Liefde voor Muziek Just What I Need Tonight

Sharon covering “Just What I Need Tonight”. Click to watch the performance.

The Rose

A personal favourite for Sharon, originally by Bette Midler, The Rose. Covered in the third episode of “Liefde voor Muziek”. Next week, we dig deeper into this episode.

Sharon den Adel VTM Liefde Voor Muziek Bette Midler The Rose

Sharon covering “The Rose”. Click to watch the performance.

A surprise

The second week of the show got a surprise for long-time Within Temptation fans. The artist of the week was Niels Destadsbader, a singer who only sings his songs in Flemish. Sharon den Adel has almost no songs in Dutch on her name, because she dislikes her mother language. This week however, Sharon sang in Dutch. The song “Vandaag” got transformed in a song full of guitars and drums adjoined by flashing lights.

Sharon den Adel Vandaag Liefde voor Muziek still

Sharon covering “Vandaag”. Click to watch the performance.

Dance to rock

Another week has passed, Sharon den Adel was ready to cover another track. This week, Silvy De Bie was the main artist. Sharon covered the track “Turn Your Love Around”, originally a dance track. She transformed the track in her very own way, which made us think of the “The Unforgiving“-track “Murder“. Low and haunting vocals joined by great instrumentals and backing vocals.

Sharon den Adel Liefde voor Muziek Silvy de Bie Turn Your Love Around

Sharon covering “Turn Your Love Around”. Click to watch the performance.

Intimate, fragile, beautiful

In the next week, the Belgian rock duo Ks Choice were the artists of the week. Sharon den Adel covered the track “Virgin State of Mind”. A beautiful small cover, acoustic sang with a fragile voice. The song was one of the hardest tracks she had covered in the TV show, she announced.

Sharon den Adel Liefde voor Muziek Ks Choice Virgin State of Mind

Sharon covering “Virgin State of Mind”. Click to watch the performance.

Symphonic acoustic

Jasper Steverlinck, a Belgian artist with a one-of-a-kind voice, was the next artist to be covered in the Belgian TV show “Liefde voor Muziek”. Sharon den Adel covered “Things That I Should Have Done”, in a symphonic yet acoustic way. Beautifully done. Later, we’ve learned, Sharon den Adel and Jasper Steverlinck went into the studio to record a song together. Scheduled for a release on her solo album “My Indigo“, but rescheduled for the 2018-release “RESIST” by Within Temptation. The song is promising to be dark. Something “Things I Should Have Done” also was, check it out below.

Still image Sharon den Adel Liefde voor Muziek EP6

Sharon covering “Things That I Should Have Done”. Click to watch the performance.

Undying love

In the last week of “Liefde voor Muziek”, the Belgian tenor and singer-songwriter Helmut Lotti was the main artist of the week. A singer who is capable of reaching notes, unbelievable. Singing in different languages is no problem for Helmut Lotti. Sharon den Adel decided to cover a very personal song for Helmut, “My Love Will Never Die”, a song which Helmut wrote for his daughter.

Sharon den Adel Liefde voor Muziek My Love Will Never Die Helmut Lotti

Sharon covering “My Love Will Never Die”. Click to watch the performance.

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Sharon den Adel

Next week, we will throw back to the third week of the TV show “Liefde voor Muziek”. In the third week of the Belgian TV show, all artists covered songs from Sharon den Adel and Within Temptation.