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Within Temptation uses old artwork for album cover

September 13, 2018 by

With the release of the first piece of new music of Within Temptation since 2014, the new album “RESIST” also got confirmed in all its forms. The artwork however seems not to be as original as we know from the Dutch rock band. A fan pointed us on this critical point.


Within Temptation is mostly known for its original and custom made artwork. Back in the early years, and with their 2007-release “The Heart of Everything“, the band used a promotional photo for each era. With the release of their breakthrough-album “Mother Earth“, they started experimenting into the digital world with nice and suiting effects to each and every album.

Within Temptation album artwork over the years resized

Studio album covers over the years. Click to enlarge.


After the release of the very first promotional photos for the magazine Metal Hammer, we expected interesting artwork which was, like the previous six eras of studio albums, custom made for the band. However, the released cover of “RESIST” is a crop of work released January 2017 on the network site DeviantArt by the artist Emmanuel Shiu. Is the artwork officially purchased and can we expect an exciting collaboration with this digital artist? 

We’ve reached out to both the bands’ management and the digital artist, but have not yet received an answer to this question. We’re patiently waiting for a reply from their side.

Thanks to Hermes Peredo for pointing us on this detail.

RESIST Within Temptation artwork by Emmanuel Shiu

Digital art by Emmanuel Shiu. Click to explore more.

Final artwork?

In the meanwhile, the pre-order of the seventh full length studio album of Within Temptation, “RESIST“, has opened. Its artwork however, has been marked as “not final” by the band. Will the band change the cover image of its album? Or is something else going on? In the meanwhile we’ve reached out to the bands’ management and the digital artist Emmanuel Shiu. Both have not responded to our questions.

According to Spinefarm UK/Universal Music, the artwork is final and will be released as displayed. The pre-order through Spinefarm UK/Universal has also opened. What is remarkable, is the product listing price difference. The CD only is a lot cheaper via Universal Music compared to Within Temptation, and don’t get us started on the shipping charges by the official Within Temptation store. Check the full list of pre-order locations online.

To compare:


“RESIST” on Vinyl LP

Within Temptation Resist Digi Spinefarm UK Universal

Album cover by Spinefarm UK/Universal Music. Click to enlarge.