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Within Temptation removed social media: What’s happening?
04 September 2018

Do you remember the full website and social media black-out before the announcement of Sharon den Adel her solo project “My Indigo“? Well, it’s back. Within Temptation removed all profile pictures, cover images and bios from social media accounts Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Their Spotify and Apple Music accounts are also without profile picture as of today. Will the #WT7-era finally happen, soon?

? Updated in chronological order, oldest on top, newest on bottom


This throwback, brings us back to late-2017, when the full Within Temptation website and all social media accounts were blacked out and later replaced by the frightening banner about an announcement to be made soon.

Within Temptation black-out Official Announcement Sharon den Adel

Website black-out in 2017, with their frightening message. Click to enlarge.

Fans were worrying, social medias were filled with possible reasons why there was a full account black-out. Was Sharon den Adel, singer of the Dutch rock band, pregnant again? Was she finally joining the Eurovision Song Contest? Or was the end of Within Temptation near?

After a week and a half of silence, they finally broke the silence with an intimate interview at the Dutch TV show RTL Late Night. Sharon den Adel announced her solo project, after a difficult time in life. She was facing a writers block, sickness in family and other personal issues. The end of Within Temptation was not near, but Sharon and the management of the band were shocked by the number of worried people. Lesson learned, we thought.

Back again

Lesson learned? Think again. On Monday 3 September 2018, Within Temptation again removed all their information from social media accounts. This time, however, their website remained online. What’s happening? Fans are curious about what’s to happen, especially after their last total black-out. Is it finally going to happen, the release of new music? Or are we facing a more serious issue?

Raise met anders

July 2018, we discovered a new Within Temptation track. Uploaded by founder and guitar player Robert Westerholt, on Apple Music Connect. A heavy track with male vocals of Anders Friden. The track was shared online by many fans and fans loved the new sound of the Dutch rock band. Their announcement of returning to their roots, with more heavy music, seemed to work out with this “The Heart of Everything“-sound. The track was later removed from all platforms by the bands’ management.

Later the same month, guitar player Ruud Jolie announced to be on Fuerteventura for business. Leaked images and videos showed the recordings of a new music video, for a track which is yet to be announced. Will it be for “Raise“? Future will learn.

Sharon den Adel of Within Temptation on the set of their upcoming new music video for a 2018 single

Sharon den Adel on set for their new music video. Click to enlarge.

New era is near

The Storm is coming. This is how Within Temptation announced their new era in their last newsletter, sent to fans on 29 August 2018. Their announcement, with the photo as shown below, were the start of something exciting. Their way to announce new work is just around the corner.

With the total black-out of their social media accounts, we think something will happen this week, or next week. With an announcement on Dutch media (TV or radio interview) to make the deal big, since they’ve been silence since their last show 23 December 2016. A proper announcement about it all might be needed, to get the Dutch rockband back into the picture.

Sharon den Adel on set for their seventh studio album 2018 WT7

Sharon den Adel on a possible album photoshoot. Click to enlarge.

Announcement soon

Looking back into the past of Within Temptation announcements, we expect the announcement of their seventh album-era to begin soon, possibly next Thursday with a release on Friday. This might be delayed by a week, however. We do not expect a full album announcement, but a starter single or EP, since their seventh full length album was announced earlier to drop early or mid-2019 by the band itself.


Within Temptation is about to hit the road again, after a long break. After her small success with My Indigo, Sharon den Adel will be back with the band to start their first European tour since 2016. The band is back on the road starting October 11, 2018 until December 22, 2018. They will visit 33 cities in 18 countries, including a few where they haven’t been in a while.

Guitar player Ruud Jolie already announced to be practicing two new songs on his guitar. We expect some new tunes to drop before the tour kicks off.

To be continued

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Within Temptation just updated their profile picture. It seems we can expect new music real soon. It however is quite sad they have not learned from the past. With “My Indigo” they did not receive happy faces, when – after the black-out – they uploaded a single picture giving no further information. The future will tell us what this profile means. Until then, we will have to wait.

Within Temptation Free

Within Temptation Free. Click to enlarge.

Can you resist temptation?

Within Temptation just updated their Facebook fan page with a new cover image. Can you resist the temptation?

Within Temptation about to release their 2018 new single and album

New Facebook cover image. Click to enlarge.