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“Raise” – a new Within Temptation song and video!
Breaking News
27 July 2018

Within Temptation has raised the expectations for their upcoming seventh studio album high. A new, supposed to be new single, has appeared online.


The news about an upcoming Within Temptation album is not new, we’ve been writing about the upcoming album for quite some time. We’ve learned in the past, the upcoming work from the Dutch rock band is going to be heavy. Today we learned this is true.

Where the rock band took a step back from heavy music with their latest releases “The Unforgiving” and “Hydra“, with their supposed to be new single “Raise”, which will be in collaboration with Swedish singer/songwriter Anders Fridén from the Swedish metal band “In Flames”, will be heavy, including some male grunts.

New album

Recently, Within Temptation signed theirselves a new record deal with the Berlin-based label Vertigo Records, to release their upcoming seventh studio album. After a long period of silence, Within Temptation is finally back on track. While the band is busy recording new audio for their upcoming album and preparing themselves for their 2018 “MMXVIII”-tour in Europe, it seems they’re also planning to release new music publicly real soon. When soon? We do not know yet.

Within Temptation announced their 2018 " MMXVIII"-tour

Music Video?

On Instagram, guitar player Ruud Jolie posted a photo from Fuerteventura, claiming to be there “for some work related stuff”. The timing seems to be adding up to this new track. A music video? Or maybe a promotional photo shoot for the new work? Or nothing to worry about for now? The future will learn.

Music Video! [U: 31 July 2018]

We can now happily confirm the above mentioned question about the possible music video for their upcoming single. The following photo and video were published on social media, earlier today. For which single this is, is yet to be confirmed, all we can say is that Sharon is wearing an interesting hair do and outfit! Can’t wait #ohtheexcitement

Sharon den Adel of Within Temptation on the set of their upcoming new music video for a 2018 single

Source unknown. Click to enlarge

Producing and clothing

More information got known to us. The production of the upcoming Within Temptation video is done by TIMESCOPE films, a German producing and directing company owned by David Kilagöz. The clothing of the Within Temptation band members, except of Sharon den Adel, by Kai Dunkel

The Wait Has Begun

For now, the wait for “soon” has begun. A first preview of whats yet to come, and a promising one, has been made. Within Temptation, we are ready.

Please keep in mind: We do not own this song. We do not support leaks. This item has been written on the facts which were available online, through media sources and shared by the band and/or (one of its) members itself.

We would like to thank Nikos Stamatoulakis for the tip on the “Raise” track.