Rumour: "WT to release new EP in 2018" -
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Rumour: “WT to release new EP in 2018”
04 December 2017

We’ve seen them in all possible shapes and sizes the past months, but this rumour seems to be more realistic. According to, a site which independently tracks your musical taste, added an unannounced EP in 2017 to their website.

Rumour: Midnight Sky – EP

As shown on the pages, the EP was added in 2017, with rumoured release somewhere 2018, which would make sense with the recent announcements Within Temptation made. The EP contains five tracks with a total running time of just over 25 minutes, however, the second track on the album seems to be doubtful now we know Sharon den Adel will release her own solo project “My Indigo” soon.

We look forward learning about this EP. Please know this is a rumour for now, until further notice.


Below, the rumoured tracklist, taken off of

Within Temptation - New music with their rumoured "Midnight Sky" EP

The rumoured tracklist of the (rumoured) “Midnight Sky” EP