“Paradise (What About Us?)” featuring Tarja Turunen


On September 27, Within Temptation will release the ‘Paradise (What About Us?)’ EP and video, featuring a unique collaboration with classically trained Finnish rock diva, Tarja Turunen.

Sharon comments: “When we had written the first version of ‘Paradise’ and listened back to the demo we’d recorded and the epic power of the song, we thought of Tarja instantly.  How well this track would fit her classical voice and how extra special it would be if we sang it together.  The more we thought about this wild idea, the more excited we got about it!

After several photo’s and video’s that were released, there was a lot of speculation who the guest-star on the duet. Some of the fans said it couldn’t be a “competing” singer like Tarja. Sharon and Tarja never thought of each other as “competition”, and didn’t hesitate to join forces on the upcoming single.

Sharon continues: “Of course I didn’t know what to expect from Tarja, as we’d never actually met in person ‘til June this year.  Our first encounter was via a Skype call we’d set-up to discuss the collaboration and we immediately clicked, not only creatively but personally.  After we’d spoken, it felt completely natural that we would do this together!”

Tarja adds: “It was very nice to finally meet Sharon and the Within Temptation guys.  I truly appreciate the invitation and the opportunity to work with them on their song ‘Paradise’.  So wonderful that they thought of me!  I hope our fans will like this ‘girl power’ duet!

The song and music video share the same theme: Working together in a good way, can lead to new creations. To create a new paradise, rising from the ashes of the old, we need to work together!

For the first time, Within Temptation have also decided to give fans a very intimate insight into how they capture their song ideas early on. The EP will contain 3 demo versions of brand new songs intended for the upcoming album. The EP includes ‘Let Us Burn’, ‘Silver Moonlight’, and ‘Dog Days’. Despite the demo versions are raw, the powerful energy surging through the tracks can be heard right from the start.