Weekly album update – Jun 28


Album update
Robert’s update: Guts, air and adrenaline

Last week I told you we were still fine-tuning the first song to prepare it for the official mix. Well, the fine-tuning turned into a little more than fine-tuning… We completely changed the first instrumental part of the song. The beginning was not heavy and dark enough for the rest of the song, for our taste. Well, that’s solved now. We made a complete new pumping riff and Martijn made an amazing theme on the riff and intro for the beginning of the song.

Sometimes these things go so magical, that it feel it’s not you creating it, but it feels like the music is coming from the air around you, and you are just allowed the lucky one to catch it (I believe Keith Richards once said something similar).

It’s kind a of a big thing though, to change so much in a song o so very close to mix, because it means re-recording guitars strings etc. But trough the years we learned never to ignore your gut feeling. If you think you can make it better, even just before or even in mix, do it. Do it on the spot or you will regret it every time you listen to song and that will hurt for a long time. And oh boy how good it feels now, to have done this. The song not only got much darker and heavier, it also fits the rest of the album better now. We just can’t wait for the mix now. Just two weeks to go. So exciting. Oh and soon, very soon, probably even before mix you’re gonna hear a snippet of this.

Now back to the other songs. We still need to finish two new song ideas and I’m skyping with an artist in LA this eve for another. I’m so excited about that, I’m like a small jumping child. Damn, it’s pure adrenaline making this record, not a lot of things are better for us than this. Well, weekend break is also always nice 2. You all have a good one!