Album Progress: Part 6
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Update by Robert:

Ruud and Stefan been recording a lot of guitars this week; Acoustics, picking, heavy strumming, slow chunky rifs, fast finger breaking solos… I heard it all pass by this week. It’s pretty amazing if you think about how many different sounds and emotions you can get out of a guitar. I guess that’s problably also why it has become such a popular instrument the past decades.

In the mean time, Martijn finished string arrangements for two songs, which are now ready for the recording of real strings.

Sharon, Daniel and I have been working on one song pretty much all week to get the feel there. The basic demo idea was (don’t be shocked now…. count to ten…) in a swingy dance beat with rap in all verses. Now, we really love to experiment, but this was a bit too much out of our comfort zone, so we turned the song into a big symphonic, and heavy guitar cranking song.

So nothing to panic about, despite the fact this song holds pretty cool and big surprises you have most defenitely never heard on a WT recrod before…

It was an exciting week, exciting enough to celebrate it with a smacking weekend!

Enjoy yourselves and ’till da next!!!!

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