Album Progress: Part 4


Album progress
Robert’s update: Panic and videos

Last Monday was all about base recordings. Jeroen went to Graveland Studio and recorded base with Arno at the wheel of the studio for the first five songs. There was a lot of checking out different base guitars and then picking the right one for each song. Then time to slam them in! It was a long day for Jeroen but you don’t have to feel sorry for us musicians…we never start early 😉

Meanwhile Sharon and I have been busy with ideas for the first video, cause, due to reasons we have to be mysterious about, we already have to shoot it next month aaaaaaargh that’s really quick and of course we never panic…I guess…

Altough it can also destroy things sometimes, pressure can be a creative force as well. Luckily we are also very lucky to have some very creative friends around us who can brainstorm with us and unbelievable but true, we have a great idea for the new video which fits the song so much.

Oh yeah and I promised to reveal something about the new album…well this first song is def no ballad, it’s fast it’s hard it’s epic…and that’s not even the best about it… I’m sorry we have to do it again and have to leave you in the dark a bit more on what that is but time’s running fast so don’t panic…

So the heat is on cause with the videoshoot Sharon also has to start on thinking about the new and such, that’s her fun department. Oeh so nice to have a girl in the band for that.

The boys and Sharon now first have a show in Poland on Saturday…lucky bastards and then Monday back to the studio.

Have a great weekend and till next week!