Within Temptation 15 Years


On Tuesday November 13, 2012 it was the big day for Within Temptation. The Dutch symphonic rock band celebrated their 15th anniversary.
They gave their biggest show in 15 years, in a – sold out – Sportpaleis in Antwerp, Belgium which was named ELEMENTS. With all five elements, Within Temptation rocked on stage, in front of thousands of Within Temptation fans.

The night started with a documentary of 15 years Within Temptation on the big screen. Unfortunately, there were audio problems so it was video-only. The documentary showed 15 years of Within Temptation – how it started until the The Unforgiving World Tour which ended last year.

After this – in our eyes – way too long intro movie, the orchestra and choir came on stage, with loud applause from the audience. The intro from ELEMENTS started with a movie and a dramatic and orchestral intro song, played by the Il Novecento Orchestra which smoothly faded into the intro tune from ‘The Silent Force’.
The show started with Iron – after the bombastic guitar solo-intro, Sharon appeared on stage. While the big triangle screen-decoration went up, smoke appeared on stage; and there was Sharon, in one of her new outfits – designed by the Dutch fashion designer Jan Boelo.
After the big ‘Oh Damn’-first song, it was time for In The Middle Of The Night, followed by Faster and Fire And Ice – in a risky but lovely outfit.

After the first four songs, which were all from their latest album ‘The Unforgiving’ – it was time for a song from their fifth album, ‘The Heart of Everything’. It was time for Our Solemn Hour. Sharon appeared on stage and forgot her lyrics. Luckily, she got them right at the chorus again. We’re sure you won’t hear a thing of this on the upcoming DVD/CD – cause yes, it’s recorded!
Right after Stand My Ground and Angels – with inflatable angel wings on Sharon – it was time for an acoustic piece. With another intro song played by the Il Novecento Orchestra, they opened the stage for The Last Dance, B-Track song from ‘The Unforgiving’ and Never-Ending Story – which included Ivar de Graaf on acoustic guitars.
After Say My Name it was time for a classic song, Candles! Together with old band members Martijn Westerholt (Delain) and Michiel Papenhove, Within Temptation and George Oosthoek rocked on stage with this all-time classic!
Next up was Sinéad, time to warm up, cause next were three cover songs!

Within Temptation is covering songs for Q-Music Belgium for 15 weeks, at ELEMENTS they’ve performed three of their favorite songs; Titanium (David Guetta), Summertime Sadness (Lana Del Rey) and Grenade (Bruno Mars).
After more classics, as The Promise and What Have You Done and new songs, as Stairway To The Skies, after 2 hours the evening got to an end.

Overall, an amazing show – with expected and unexpected songs. Very powerful, orchestral, beautiful new outfits and a wonderful setlist.
This all has been recorded for DVD and/or CD – we will hear from this in the future!

Definitely a night to remember! Photos will appear on towardstheend.org within a week. Want to donate your ELEMENTS or TRY-OUT photos? Feel free to mail them!