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Within Temptation released “The Silent Force Tour” on digital platforms
15 May 2021

Amazing news, Within Temptation released their 2005 live performance “The Silent Force Tour” for the very first time on digital platforms, as well as on Vimeo for rent or purchase! On own label, Force Music Recordings, they digitalised the -before- only physical live release.

Digital release for the first time

The release of this live recording was originally on 18 November of 2005. The main concert features the band playing at the concert fields of Java eiland in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, performed on 22 July 2005. The show was the second live recording of the Dutch rock band. Back in 2003, they released their first live recording, “Mother Earth Tour”.

The show featured 18 live tracks, mostly from the “The Silent Force”-era, to promote this album, as well as some fan-favourites from the past eras.

Now, with the fact that Within Temptation is an independent band, the band is slowly releasing more and more old albums, EPs and singles on digital platforms, from which “The Silent Force Tour” is their latest addition to this list.

Sharon den Adel at Java Island, Amsterdam. [MARCEL ANTONISSE/ANP FOTO] – click to explore more

Available for streaming, renting and purchase

The 2005-release is available for streaming on all mayor streaming platforms as of today, but as well available for renting and purchase via Vimeo! This way, you can enjoy this amazing live release whenever and wherever you want.

Enjoy “The Silent Force Tour”, as of today!