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Within Temptation released new single “The Purge”
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20 November 2020

After quite some hinting, the Dutch rock band Within Temptation released their newest single “The Purge” on all digital platforms on 20 November 2020 via own label. The song is has a big throwback effect mixed with their new sound.

“The Purge”

Only a few months after their first independent single “Entertain You” is here a little heavier track by the Dutch rock band. After their release “RESIST“, released 14 December 2018, Within Temptation already hinted on bringing new music in 2020 and the next couple of years. Not a full album, but maybe some singles or even an EP. According to Rock And Roll Army, this won’t be the only new release Within Temptation will have for us in the following years!

The most concrete goal is to release three singles per year and six singles every two years, with eventually a potential album release. The direct goal is to release new tracks more consistently, resulting in both the band and the fans being at the forefront of fresh, newly composed music.

Rock And Roll Army [Published 4 May 2020]
New band photo by Set Vexy. Click to explore more photos.

“It has an old school vibe”

The single was announced via social media as a heavy track with ‘And yes, it has that old school Within Temptation vibe ⚡️!!’ – and it does. The song, written by longtime producer Daniel Gibson together with Robert Westerholt and Sharon den Adel is heavy from begin to end. The deep raw voice from Sharon made its appearance again and we can only say… We’re excited to hear what’s up next!

Stream “The Purge” by Within Temptation on Spotify

Stream “The Purge” now

The new single, written by Daniel Gibson, Robert Westerholt and Sharon den Adel, is out now on Apple Music and iTunes and Spotify.

The single is the second independently released song. Within Temptation decided to release this track, with male vocals of producer Daniel Gibson, without the help of Vertigo/Universal, with whom they signed a deal for their 2018-album “RESIST”.

Please keep in mind, due to time differences, the track might not yet be available in your region.

Within Temptation Purge EP
Artwork for the Within Temptation single “Entertain You”. Click to learn more.

The artwork

On social media, several fans asked the band if the person to be seen in the official artwork was Sharon, as the shape of the face recognised them of Sharon. At a later stage, Sharon herself revealed this is indeed her.

Worlds Collide Tour

Within Temptation was about to join a co-headlining tour with the American rock band Evanescence. Singers Sharon den Adel and Amy Lee were about to join forces and tour throughout Europe with their “Worlds Collide” Tour. Unfortunately, the tour got postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak in the world. The new tour is set to start on 2 September 2020 in Glasgow, United Kingdom. More information here.

Amy Lee Sharon den Adel Evanescence Within Temptation
Within Temptation and Evanescence joined in a co-headlining tour “Worlds Collide Tour 2020”