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Within Temptation released music video “Entertain You”
25 May 2020

Dutch rock band Within Temptation released their music video for the recently released brand new track “Entertain You”. The single, released 8 May 2020 via independent label, came just over a year after their latest full length studio album “RESIST”. This new single is a new direction which Within Temptation is ready to head into.

Within Temptation 2020 Set Vexy
Within Temptation by Set Vexy, 2020. Click to explore more.

“Entertain You”

“There’s always a group of people in society that doesn’t fit in and somehow we always have a need to emphasise that they do not fit in by singling them out, cornering them in all sorts of ways – think of viral videos, fights on the streets et cetera”, singer Sharon den Adel explains.

“These people didn’t ask to be different, they simply are just different. The beauty is that by being different, these people bring so much color to our society, since our society is so uniform! These people are not here for our entertainment, so we can feel good about ourselves. If you don’t realise that, it’s maybe time for bit more self reflection and wonder why you are participating in such behaviour”, she continues.

New Within Temptation album

For fans who got excited with the release of the new single by the Dutch rock band, might be slightly disappointed by the fact that Within Temptation is not yet planning to release a full length follow up studio album. Their 2018-release is still fresh in their memory.

The most concrete goal is to release three singles per year and six singles every two years, with eventually a potential album release. The direct goal is to release new tracks more consistently, resulting in both the band and the fans being at the forefront of fresh, newly composed music.

Within Temptation new music Entertain You
Snippet of the single artwork for “Entertain You”. Click to explore more.

Music Video

Within Temptation hinted on Spotify for a music video to come soon, with some video snippets while playing the track on a mobile device. The official music video was released via Kerrang! on 26 May 2020. Watch it below!