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“The Heart of Everything” to be released on vinyl LP
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16 April 2019

After the release of their third studio album “The Silent Force“, Within Temptation is about to release more “golden oldies” on vinyl LP in 2019. Next up: “The Heart of Everything“, which is still a fan favourite by many. The album, originally released in 2008 via GUN/Roadrunner Records, will be released on limited edition coloured vinyl.


The fourth full length studio album of the Dutch symphonic rock band was titled “The Heart of Everything”, and released on 09 March 2007 for The Netherlands. Europe followed the same month, 12 March 2007 and worldwide release set on 18 June 2007.

The start to their fourth era started late 2005, with the composition of the album. The recording process for their newest studio album took place between May and November of the following year, 2006, in Volendam and Schiedam, The Netherlands. The recordings of the orchestral work took place in Prague, Czech Republic. All songs are inspired by their personal lives, the world living in, several books and the act of making choices. This also reflects the theme of the album artwork, which is inspired by Lady Justice. A known figure which symbolises the weighing of moral decisions. 

Within Temptation 2007 The Heart of Everything Erwin Olaf
Promotional photo by Erwin Olaf. Click to explore more.

On Vinyl LP

In 2018, both Sony Germany and Sony Poland were checking the possibilities to release old Within Temptation records on limited edition coloured vinyl LP. These records were available for pre-order for short time, but canceled a few months after.

Not long after the cancelation of the releases, end-August 2018, Within Temptation announced the re-issue of their EP “The Dance” and CD “Enter” on vinyl for the first time and the duo-CD as re-issue. 

It took only a few months later before they announced the green marble vinyl LP of the album “Mother Earth“, which was released early-January 2019. Early-April 2019 their “The Silent Force“-release saw its debut on crystal clear vinyl.

Now, it’s up to “The Heart of Everything” to be released on vinyl LP for the very first time. The vinyl will be released on 2LP, each 180g and with a special Gold & Black Swirl colour. This release includes 4 bonus tracks, will be available as a limited edition of 5000 individually numbered copies. The package includes a 4-page booklet and an exclusive poster.

Within Temptation Heart Everything vinyl LP 2019
Mockup of the limited edition vinyl of Within Temptation. Click to enlarge.


  • Catalog #: MOVLP1927
  • Barcode/EAN: 8719262004269
  • Release: 31 May 2019
  • Original release: 2007
  • Format: 2 LP, 180 gram, gold & black swirled discs
  • Extras: Exclusive litho of band photo
  • Tracks: 15 tracks


At this moment, Music Glue is the only reseller offering this vinyl record. You’re living outside of the United Kingdom? Due to many issues with Music Glue, we recommend to wait a few days. More pre-order locations will be announced soon.

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