Sharon den Adel unboxing the RESIST Box Set -
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Sharon den Adel unboxing the RESIST Box Set
28 January 2019

Great news, with only a couple more days until the release of the seventh studio album of Within Temptation, singer Sharon den Adel revealed what’s inside the limited edition box set of “RESIST” on YouTube.


For this new studio album, Within Temptation signed a new album deal with the German based Vertigo Music, which is part of Universal Music. It will be their first release through this label. The reason why it took the Dutch rock band 5 years to return back with a new album is known already. Singer-songwriter Sharon den Adel faced a writers block and could not find any new inspiration to continue with Within Temptation. Next to this, her father got very sick and it was time for Sharon to take a break

After this, she returned to songwriting after a while. Her first solo project was born, “My Indigo“, with a first single late 2017, and her solo album early 2018. During her solo project, she finally found the mood and motivation again to write for Within Temptation. It took the band only a year to write, record and master this album. Fans already got a preview for this album, with the release of four singles and five out of ten tracks performed live during their RESIST Europe 2018 tour.

Limited Edition Box Set

Just like their 2014-release, Within Temptation will also release a limited edition box set of “RESIST”. The box set contains items which are not for regular sale, such as a music cassette, poker cards and a deluxe edition of the CD. Watch Sharon den Adel unbox the set in the video below.

Pre-order RESIST

The seventh full length studio album by the Dutch rock band Within Temptation is set for release 01 February 2019 via Vertigo/Universal Music. You can pre-order the album now via the official Within Temptation store or several third party sellers.

Within Temptation RESIST CD Vinyl LP Box Set album 2019
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