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CONFIRMED: Well-known Within Temptation records on Vinyl LP
27 January 2019

In 2018, we wrote about Sony Music Germany and Sony Poland were about to release some well-known Within Temptation records on vinyl LP, from which most of them for the first time ever. In 2019, Within Temptation will release their full discography on Vinyl LP!

Album on Vinyl LP

It is pretty common these days, artists releasing their music on Vinyl LP, this kind of media made a strong comeback. Some artists even re-issue their album on limited and coloured discs. So did Within Temptation. For the very first time, they released their debut EP “The Dance” and CD “Enter” via own label.

Within Temptation to release Enter CD The Dance EP on Vinyl LP 2018 new album
Official artwork of the vinyl records. Click to enlarge.

Not via Sony

In February 2018, Sony Music Germany (or Sony Catalog GmbH) announced the release of three vinyl records. “The Silent Force” was about to be released for the first time on blue coloured LP, “The Heart of Everything” for the first time on marble white LP and “The Unforgiving” as a re-issue this time on red transparent vinyl. Not even a month later, mid-March of 2018, Sony Music Germany canceled the records and they disappeared from the web.

Only a day before the cancelation, a green marbled vinyl edition of “Mother Earth” appeared on the web, which was also canceled the day after.

Within Temptation coloured vinyl LP
Mock-up of coloured vinyl records of Within Temptation. Click to enlarge.

The same year, a few months later, Sony Music Poland released some exciting news. They claimed the premier of “Black Symphony” on 3LP, the re-issue of “An Acoustic Night at the Theatre” on clear vinyl and the premier of “The Silent Force Tour” on CD.

They were scheduled for release December 2018 and things looked promising. However, half-January of 2019, Sony Music Poland also canceled these releases.

Within Temptation Reissue Sony Music Vinyl LP Acoustic Night Theatre Black Symphony 2018-1
Mock-up of vinyl records of Within Temptation. Click to enlarge.

Re-issue of album on Vinyl LP

Not long after the cancelation of the releases, end-August 2018, Within Temptation announced the re-issue of their EP “The Dance” and CD “Enter” on vinyl for the first time and the duo-CD as re-issue.

It took only a few months later before they announced the – previously via Sony Music Germany announced – green marble vinyl LP of the album “Mother Earth“.

Discography on limited LP

In a Polish interview with Metal Hammer (Dec 2018), singer Sharon den Adel announced they’re working on something very exciting, the release of their discography on vinyl LP!

Metal Hammer: “After releasing “Hydra”, you also released a DVD called “Let Us Burn” which has a concert from your fifteenth anniversary on it. And you didn’t prepare anything for your twentieth anniversary…”

Sharon den Adel: “Yes and I regret it a bit… we didn’t prepare anything for our twentieth anniversary but we will prepare something interesting for twenty-fifth! Maybe we will release a box with all our albums, don’t know yet! For now, we’re planning to re-release the whole discography on vinyl records. This is what we’ve been waiting for so long. “RESIST” will be released as a music cassette. It’s actually interesting too, because I know that “Mother Earth” – for example – was released in Poland on music cassette! I even have my own copy (laugh).”

Note: Some third party sellers offer the vinyl records for pre-order already. We recommend to not pre-order any of these items until further notice. These are the long-lost pre-orders from Sony Germany and Sony Poland. If you have pre-ordered these records, contact the seller to get a refund.

Big thanks to Pola Pacholczyk‎ for the interview translation.