Throwback - Within Temptation in 2018 -
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Throwback – Within Temptation in 2018
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27 December 2018

The end is near, we’re just a couple of hours away from a new year. 2019 will be the year Within Temptation will release their seventh full length studio album “RESIST“, via their new label Vertigo Records GmbH. With this post, we will take you back to 2018. We’ve shared quite some news about the Dutch rock band, but what was the most important news? 

Within Temptation is coming to an end

In 2017, we wrote about some big things, from which “Within Temptation is coming to an end” was one of them. Back in the days of publication, this was marked as potential rumour from inside sources. 

As predicted when publishing this post, fans were not happy reading this and thought Donttearmedown was creating false rumours. However, in her open and honest interview in September 2018, Sharon den Adel explained without “RESIST”, Within Temptation would not be here anymore. We’re happy Sharon den Adel found her way back to Within Temptation after a difficult time. Now it’s time to shine with “RESIST” in 2019. But will the success story continue after “RESIST”? To be continued… Sharon den Adel already announced to be excited to work on new material soon.

Sharon den Adel Within Temptation Live 2018 Julia Raskova
Sharon den Adel live in Russia, captured by Julia Raskova. Click to enlarge.

Midnight Sky

December 2017, a mysterious EP appeared on LastFM and the digital music site MusicBrainz. “Midnight Sky” was the name of this EP, counts 5 tracks. According to MusicBrainz, the EP was going to be released via BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd. Nowadays, we know Within Temptation is no longer signed to their album deal with BMG Rights but with Universal Music. Therefore, the future of this EP is rather unclear. We might say, this EP is a fake or perhaps a working title before the personal struggles Sharon den Adel faced end 2017. 

Crash and Burn

Also published in our 2017-post, was “Crash and Burn”. The song made its premier during the JAN BOELO fashion show. Fans were waiting for Within Temptation to release the full track as studio version. In 2017, we learned 2018 would bring us this full length studio track. However, later we learned this was not going to be a Within Temptation track but a solo track by Sharon den Adel and her personal project for My Indigo. The song was released early 2018 on the debut album, “My Indigo“. 

Sharon den Adel Within Temptation VROUW Glossy magazine 2018 interview My Indigo
Sharon den Adel by Feriet Tunc. Click to enlarge.

Within Temptation will become Resist Temptation

Very recently, Within Temptation blacked out their website. This for the second time in short time. The first black-out was to give the solo project of singer Sharon del Adel, My Indigo, its attention needed. This time however, was to announce their seventh and upcoming full length studio album. 

To announce this album, Within Temptation once again blacked out their website and purchased a new domain. This domain contained an animated GIF image which showed the name ‘Within Temptation’ being replaced by the text ‘Resist Temptation’. Was Within Temptation going to continue their career as Resist Temptation? It would make sense, as they announced to be very experimental on their new album again, with a total new sound. Or was the new album of Within Temptation be named ‘Resist’?

Nowadays, we know Within Temptation will not end yet, although it did almost happen. The new album of Within Temptation will be named ‘Resist’, can you… Resist Temptation? 

Resist Temptation - Within Temptation.2018-09-06 12_59_42 kopie
GIF animated logo for Resist Temptation by Within Temptation. Click to enlarge.

Within Temptation in 2019

What will 2019 bring for Within Temptation? A lot of exciting stuff is coming up for the Dutch rock band. A new North American tour, re-issues of previous albums on vinyl LP, the release of their seventh full length studio album and a very busy festival season. 2019 will not be a boring year for Within Temptation. Now, after this long year, we think it’s time for that ice cream, Ruud! ??

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