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Throwback: Albums – The Heart of Everything (2007)
06 December 2018

After the success machine of “The Silent Force“, Within Temptation was ready to rock. This week, we have our #throwback with the 2007-release “The Heart of Everything”.

The Heart of Everything

The fourth full length studio album of the Dutch symphonic rock band was titled “The Heart of Everything”, and released on 09 March 2007 for The Netherlands. Europe followed the same month, 12 March 2007 and worldwide release set on 18 June 2007.

The start to their fourth era started late 2005, with the composition of the album. The recording process for their newest studio album took place between May and November of the following year, 2006, in Volendam and Schiedam, The Netherlands. The recordings of the orchestral work took place in Prague, Czech Republic. All songs are inspired by their personal lives, the world living in, several books and the act of making choices. This also reflects the theme of the album artwork, which is inspired by Lady Justice. A known figure which symbolises the weighing of moral decisions. 

Within Temptation 2007 The Heart of Everything Erwin Olaf

Promotional photo by Erwin Olaf. Click to explore more.


To promote their “The Heart of Everything” album, Within Temptation released four singles and an EP on US territories. The four singles, “What Have You Done” – in collaboration with Keith Caputo, “Frozen”, “All I Need” and “Forgiven” were released both digital and physical. Their EP for “The Howling” was released physical on US territories in limited units and was sold via Hot Topic Exclusive.

“What Have You Done”

Released February 2008. The single knows four different versions, a single version – album version – rock mix and US mix. The single is in collaboration with Life of Agony singer Keith Caputo, nowadays known as Mina Caputo. There are three different versions of the music video.

In the first video, Sharon den Adel is an ex-lover and spy. Keith Caputo is an FBI agent who has been assigned the task of capturing Sharon den Adel. The other two versions are a from a re-recorded and simplified video. Sharon den Adel is abandoned by an abused partner and is ruining the house she is left in. This version of the music video is the most known music video for “What Have You Done”.

“The Howling”

“The Howling” is an exclusive EP, released on US territories only. Released May 2007 via Hot Topic Exclusive. The physical single sold out in just a few hours. The single was later released worldwide, digitally.

The single has two music videos. The first video was featured for the videogame “The Chronicles of Spellborn”. The video shows images of the videogame and Sharon den Adel. After the success on US grounds, the single got rereleased worldwide and a new video was released. How much we love the second version, the first one is special to us, check it out below.


Released June 2007. The single is to raise awareness about a fragile subject, the issue of domestic and child abuse. Singer Sharon den Adel explained she got the inspiration for “Frozen” from her new experience as a mother. All income they generated from the sales of the physical singles were donated to the charity of Child Helpline International.

The music video for “Frozen” shows an alcoholic man who beats and rapes his wife and daughter. In the end, the wife poisoned her husband and ends up in jail, to leave her daughter to be an orphan.

“All I Need”

Released November 2007. The song, a power ballad written by Sharon den Adel and Robert Westerholt, is about trying to hold on to the things that are important. To surround yourself with important people. Sharon den Adel explained the inspiration behind the single in an early interview:

I think lyric-wise this song is something that a lot of people can relate to. It’s about the fact that everybody gets this point in life… And that is what the song is about, that you’re trying to hold on to the things that are important, that you try to find something that you can believe in and which is worth living, if it’s family or the love of your life or things that make your life worth living. And this person in the song is really disappointed, because people are fake or things don’t turn out the way she had hoped they would do. And this is what the song is about and I think it’s something that a lot of people can relate to.

The music video for “All I Need” was shot in Berlin, Germany. It shows Sharon den Adel in a dream world. Oh and, in case you did not know this, our site title is based on this single ?


Released September 2008, “Forgiven” is the last single taken from their “The Heart of Everything”-album. The single was used to promote their live release “Black Symphony”.

Musicians on “The Heart of Everything”

The album was recorded between May and November 2006. The album was produced by Daniel Gibson and Stefan Helleblad and released worldwide via GUN Records and Roadrunner Records.


Within Temptation:

  • Sharon den Adel (vocals)
  • Robert Westerholt (guitars)
  • Ruud Jolie (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals and mandolin)
  • Jeroen van Veen (bass guitar)
  • Martijn Spierenburg (keyboard and choir/orchestra arrangements)
  • Stephen van Haestregt (drums)

Guest musicians:

  • Keith Caputo, now known as Mina Caputo (guest vocals on “What Have You Done”)
  • Siard de Jong (fiddle on “Hand of Sorrow” and “Forgiven”)
  • Jonas Pap (cello on “All I Need”, “The Cross” and “Forgiven”)
  • Tom Salisbury (additional pianos on “Frozen”, “All I Need” and “Forgiven”)


  • The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Richard Hein and recorded in Prague, Czech Republic


  • Daniel Gibson (arrangements on “All I Need” and album producer)
  • Stefan Helleblad (album co-producer and engineer)
  • Stefan Glaumann (mixing)
  • Patrick Mühren (mixing)
  • Niels Hahn (engineering and additional editing)
  • Geert Keysers (orchestral arrangements)
  • Franck Van Der Heyden (orchestral arrangements)