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“The Reckoning” nominated for Edison Pop Award 2019
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04 December 2018

Great news, the first music video from their upcoming studio album “RESIST”, “The Reckoning”, is nominated for the Dutch Edison Pop Award!

Edison Pop Award

The Dutch award, Edison, is the oldest award in The Netherlands and reached out yearly to musical acts. This since 1960. The Edison Pop Award are yearly reached out to musicians in the classical, jazz and pop genre. The award, a bronze statue of sculptor Pieter d’Hont, is to be compared with a Grammy Award, a German Echo Award and the French Victoire Award.


Each year, an independent team of judges is assigned to chose the winner of the Edison Pop Award. Each category are limited to three possible winners.

Next to the chairman of the judges, Menno de Boer (Dutch Radio 438), the judges are Annemieke Schollaardt (Dutch Radio2), Daniël Dekker (Dutch Radio2), Birgitte de Winter (from concert venue AFAS Live), Robert Haagsma (music journalist), Diederik van Zessen (Dutch radio 3FM) and Wilbert Mutsaers (Spotify Benelux). These judges will choose the winners, in 2019.


The winners of the Edison Pop Award 2019 will be announced during the annual Edison Pop Gala, on 11 February 2019 in Amsterdam.

Within Temptation still The Reckoning official music video 2018

Still of the official “The Reckoning” music video. Click to watch the video.

The Reckoning

The video for The Reckoning is nominated to win for Best Video. As the judges from the Edison Pop Award 2019 explain:

This video is in a post-apocalyptic future where the band is under attack by a spaceship. The music video is being directed by the German “The NOISE” and produced by “Timescope”. With this beautifully directed music video, Within Temptation is back on the map and set the bar higher again. With their upcoming album “RESIST” and this new single “The Reckoning”, the symphonic metal band is back.