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Within Temptation: “Raise Your Banner” Out now!
15 November 2018

In a recent German interview, Within Temptation lead singer Sharon den Adel announced the release of their upcoming single “Raise Your Banner”, which is in collaboration with In Flames singer Anders Fridén. The video was shot recently, on Sunday 7 October 2018 in The Netherlands. On Friday 16 November 2018, the single got released on all digital markets.

Raise Your Banner

The song is in collaboration with In Flames singer Anders Fridén. The single was previously accidentally publicly published on the Apple Music platform Connect. The song was quickly listened by many fans and fans were eager to listen to the final version of the song.

Now the day has come. The song, which is edited to a single edit of 3 minutes and 32 seconds, is going to be released on the seventh full length studio album of the Dutch rock band. Their seventh studio album is scheduled for release December 2018 via Vertigo Music Germany.


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Lyric video


It took a long time to make a new album. RESIST is set for release 14 December 2018 01 February 2019 via Vertigo Records. It’s their first record in almost five years, their last studio album, “Hydra“, was released early 2014. Within Temptation singer Sharon den Adel explained in an earlier interview how she was unable to write new Within Temptation songs and she doubted to continue with the band. “RESIST” will be an album which takes the nowadays pop songs into a new level, with heavy guitars and strong lyrics.

Resist album Within Temptation 2018

Official artwork for “RESIST”. Click to enlarge.


“RESIST” is now available for pre-order on all digital platforms and on physical media. Over 30 different outlets have been added on our special “RESIST Temptation” splash page.