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Throwback: The making of “Faster”
25 October 2018

In 2011, Within Temptation was going faster. After the unexpected pregnancy of lead singer Sharon den Adel and the postponed ‘The Unforgiving Tour’, they released their fourth studio album “The Unforgiving“. For this album, they shot three music videos on just two days. Low budget videos which turned out one of the best Within Temptation music videos. Today we take a look back at their first video for “Faster“.

The Unforgiving

In November of 2008, the Dutch rock band announced they started working on a new studio album in 2009. The album was “probably going to be kind of a concept, but it’s so early still that nothing is really sure yet. But we’re trying to look in that direction”, guitar player Robert Westerholt explained in a 2008 interview.

November 2010, Within Temptation announced their fourth full length studio album was going to be titled “The Unforgiving” and would be released March 2011. The album was indeed a concept album, based on a comic book series written by Steven O’Connell and illustrated by Romano Molenaar. They also announced to start touring at the beginning of 2011, however, their tour got postponed by the unexpected third pregnancy of lead singer Sharon den Adel. All dates were moved from early 2011 to fall 2011.

Within Temptation The Unforgiving

Official artwork of the 2011-release The Unforgiving. Click to enlarge.

Three videos

The video for “Faster”, was shot together with the videos for “Shot in the Dark” and “Sinéad”. There was quite some pressure on shooting the videos quickly, as singer Sharon den Adel was showing her pregnancy. The video shoot for both “Faster” and “Shot in the Dark” were done in the empty factory halls which were situated next to their previous management, AT Productions. Sharon was quite suffering from the weather conditions, the temperatures were below zero as the shoot was done in the early morning.

The making of

On 8 March 2011, Within Temptation published the short ‘Making of’-video on their YouTube channel.