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Throwback: Collaboration with JANBOELO
18 October 2018

This week, we will throwback to the design collaboration between Within Temptation and JANBOELO. The collaboration between the two started back in July 2012. A year before their big anniversary show ELEMENTS, at Sportpaleis Antwerp, Belgium.

Fashion collaboration

The fashion collaboration started back in July 2012. During the launch of his new collection “JANBOELO Running into Headlights”, Jan Boelo Drenth announced he was working on clothing for the Dutch rock band. Since the lead singer Sharon den Adel has a background in fashion, she was closely working together with the design process. Sharon explains:

The clothing of JANBOELO is tough and daring but stylish with a recognizable style. Something that fits perfectly with our band and music

During their European tour in 2012, some of the new clothes were worn already. The big premier of their collaboration was to be seen at their 15th anniversary show ELEMENTS, on 13 November 2012 at Sportpaleis Antwerp, Belgium.

Within Temptation fashion collaboration Jan Boelo

Within Temptation in 2012. Click to enlarge.


On 13 November, Sportpaleis Antwerp, Belgium, Within Temptation presented their 15th anniversary show ELEMENTS to fans. Over 18,000 fans from around the world were joined together to celebrate their long existence. During the show, many of the new clothes from the custom JANBOELO collection were worn by Sharon and the band members. The first outfit was immediately the most dared and talked-about outfit. What started with a cape ended with Sharon in in a lower piece of professional underwear a corset and a golden frame.

Within Temptation Sharon den Adel Elements 2012

Within Temptation Sharon den Adel Elements 2012

The transformation of the outfit. Click individually to enlarge.


One of the key elements of the ongoing collaboration with Dutch fashion designer Jan Boelo Drenth is leather. He gave the male band members of Within Temptation leather outfits and Sharon den Adel was also in leather quite often.

Both the lead singer and male band members of Within Temptation expressed the collaboration with Jan Boelo Drenth as a pleasure several times.

Crash & Burn

February 2016 was the time we learned about something Within Temptation lead singer Sharon den Adel was working on. Together with JANBOELO, the promotional video for his Fall/Wainter 2016-2017 collection, she released a part of a new song, ‘Crash & Burn‘. Fans got wildly excited and wished for a full-length version – which was released 2017 on  her solo album My Indigo.

JANBOELO vs Best of Armin Live

Back in 2017, Sharon den Adel performed the hit “In And Out Of Love“, which she wrote with Dutch DJ Armin van Buuren back in 2008 after the breakup with longtime partner Robert Westerholt. The performance was impressive, to say the least. Her outfit was stunning and blue. Or blue and stunning. Watch it yourself: