Throwback: Sharon den Adel and Liefde voor Muziek - Part II -
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Throwback: Sharon den Adel and Liefde voor Muziek – Part II
Liefde Voor Muziek
04 October 2018

From Monday 16 April until 28 May 2018, Sharon den Adel was joining the artists at the Belgian TV show “Liefde voor Muziek“. Each week, they’d cover songs from each other in their own way. In two weeks, we will head back in time with a throwback to this TV show and the songs the Dutch singer has covered in her own way. From heavy and bombastic, like Within Temptation, to small and fragile, like My Indigo.

Sharon den Adel

This week, we will throw back to the third week of the TV show “Liefde voor Muziek”. In the third week of the Belgian TV show, all artists covered songs from Sharon den Adel and Within Temptation.

Sharon den Adel Liefde voor Muziek VTM-crop

Artists from “Liefde voor Muziek” 2018: Silvy De Bie, Helmut Lotti, Coco Jr., Niels Destadsbader, Jasper Steverlinck, Sharon den Adel. The members of Ks Choice were at the time of this photograph already in Spain.


Do you still remember the announcement of “Paradise (What About Us?)” on Pinterest? The single, in collaboration with ex-Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen, is one of the best selling and streamed tracks by Within Temptation. This week, Belgian singer Niels Destadsbader covered this track his own way. In Flemish, he translated the track and modified the lyrics to create a whole new Paradise. The turn-out was pretty amazing.

On cold wings…

Jasper Steverlinck dared to take a risk and cover the well-known “Ice Queen”. The breakthrough single of Within Temptation. The cover was a challenge, where Jasper has a unique and one-of-a-kind voice. He covered the song in a very intimate setting.

Stand My Ground

The Belgian rockduo Ks Choice covered the 2004-hit “Stand My Ground” from their “The Silent Force” release. They transformed the orchestral masterpiece into an intimate song. Our personal favourite from this episode.

Why does it rain, rain, rain…

Down on Utopia? The bonus studio recorded track from the 2009-released live album “An Acoustic Night at the Theatre” of Within Temptation, “Utopia”.  Covered by Coco Jr. He clearly knows how to swing…

Don’t tear me down

The Belgian tenor and singer-songwriter Helmut Lotti performed the all-time-favourite (from us, can you tell) “All I Need”, from their 2007-release “The Heart of Everything”. He put all his soul in the track and transformed it into a great song.

Falling in and out

One of the best known solo collaborations by Within Temptation singer Sharon den Adel, the collaboration with Dutch DJ Armin van Buuren. Silvy De Bie covered “In And Out Of Love”, beautifully, magically…

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