New Within Temptation single "The Reckoning" out now! -
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New Within Temptation single “The Reckoning” out now!
05 September 2018

Happy release day! After a long time of silence, Within Temptation already got themselves back on track with the leaked song “Raise“, which is in collaboration with In Flames-singer Anders Friden. Now they’re back with more. New artwork, new teasers, a new photoshoot and now… A new single! Get ready to rock!

Resist Temptation

Within Temptation removed all their main content from their social media accounts, earlier this month. All main accounts remained without profile images, cover images and biographies. All the sudden, they started uploading cryptograms and hints, from which one was uploaded on September 5. “RESIST Temptation“. We clearly figured the hints out fast and now we got some exciting news for the fans, new work is going to be released real soon!


The Dutch rock band replaced their profile images with images which give you a very Matrix feeling, green system font on a black background. The word “FREE?” and some random letters appeared in white.

Is this going to be a throwback to their roots, just like the band announced in various interviews? We clearly got flashbacks to their alternative video for “Ice Queen“, which was released in several countries for a short time. The video showed a lady browsing the web, including a same feeling. Green system font on a black background with some background photos of the band.

Within Temptation about to release their 2018 new single and album

The logo for Resist Temptation. Click to enlarge.

New single: “The Reckoning”

The new single is called “The Reckoning”, in collaboration with Papa Roach singer Jacoby Shaddix and is OUT NOW via all digital outlets! The release on physical media is not yet confirmed.

Within Temptation Resist The Reckoning Single

“The Reckoning”. Click to buy/stream

New album: “RESIST”

The seventh full length studio album of the Dutch rock band, “RESIST“, is scheduled for release this December. Artwork and track list are known and sound very exciting! Can you RESIST Temptation until December?!

Resist album Within Temptation 2018

Official artwork for “RESIST”. Click to buy/stream.