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Within Temptation to release Greatest Songs
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23 August 2018

While we’re waiting for Within Temptation to break the silence, a new release appeared online. Within Temptation is set to release a compilation of their best work. It seems like to be a digital-only release. When this release is due to be released is yet unknown.

Greatest Hits

Within Temptation has been around since the late 90s, with their first release, “Enter“, in 1996. The upcoming album, with a very obvious title “Within Temptation: Greatest Songs” contains 20 tracks with songs from almost each Within Temptation-era, except their first two eras. No from from their debut release “Enter” or their EP “The Dance” to be found on this release.


After a period of silence, the Dutch rock band with front woman Sharon den Adel, is back on track. With their recent – accidentally – published track “Raise” and their upcoming European tour, they will end their silence. Fans are getting quite impatient, due to the long wait for new material. Luckily their seventh full length studio album is on the way and on their new signed label Vertigo Records. This release is a nice release in-between the silence and their upcoming work.

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Greatest Tracklist

The tracklist of their “Greatest Songs” album is known and includes the following tracks:

01 – Hand Of Sorrow
02 – Memories
03 – Sinead
04 – See Who I Am
05 – Shot In The Dark
06 – The Truth Beneath The Rose
07 – Whole World Is Watching (Feat. Dave Pirner)
08 – Paradise (What About Us) (Feat. Tarja)
09 – Our Solemn Hour
10 – Ice Queen
11 – And We Run (Feat. Xzibit)
12 – Let Us Burn
13 – Silver Moonlight
14 – All I Need
15 – Where Is The Edge
16 – Fire And Ice
17 – Stand My Ground
18 – Faster
19 – Jillian (I’d Give My Heart)
20 – What Have You Done (Feat. Keith Caputo)

Release canceled

This album seems like to be a digital-only album, via online resellers and streaming platforms. When this release is due to be released is yet unknown. At the moment of writing, every sign of this released was wiped, possibly we will never see this release – just like we have seen before with limited edition coloured vinyl records. Links to purchase and/or stream this link will be added when worldwide links are available.
Update 12 September 2018: According to our sources at Dutch, German and American suppliers, this release was canceled by the bands former label, BMG Rights Management.

Within Temptation album 2018 Greatest Hits