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“My Indigo” live at NPO Radio 2
12 March 2018

“Crash And Burn” at NPO Radio 2

Today, Sharon den Adel with her solo project “My Indigo” were live at the NPO Radio 2 studios with Gerard Ekdom. They were live to promote the highly anticipated track “Crash And Burn”, which was released last Friday.


My Indigo is the beautiful and raw result of two years of retreat, healing and exploration. It was her opportunity to get out of the limelight and come to terms with hardships in her personal life, and take a break from the strain of touring the world as the singer of the internationally successful rock band, Within Temptation. The debut album “My Indigo” is set for release April 20, 2018 via BMG Rights Management GmbH.

On Tour

Sharon announced they’re working on a My Indigo-tour, but nothing has been scheduled for now.

“Just like with the music of My Indigo, it was totally not planned to release this, so also not to tour. It’s a work in progress”

To be continued.

“Crash And Burn”

The live premier of “Crash And Burn” by My Indigo is a fact! Check it down below.


They also performed a cover version of the track “Desperado” by The Eagles, which we published earlier today on our Facebook-page.