My Indigo live at NPO Radio 2 -
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My Indigo live at NPO Radio 2
My Indigo
29 November 2017

This morning, Sharon den Adel visited the studios of Dutch radio channel NPO Radio 2 during the morning programme of Gerard Ekdom. The live premier of My Indigo is a fact!


Warm Welcome

The first solo track of the Within Temptation singer Sharon den Adel has received a warm welcome by Dutch media. The track received its very first ‘5-Star Track’ and received a special NPO Radio Top Song as well! The Dutch media is in love with Sharon’s very first solo project, and so are we.

Within Temptation

Of course, Gerard Ekdom questioned Sharon den Adel about the future of Within Temptation. The will not quit, and will have their comeback in 2018. Their album is scheduled for release late 2018, together with their recently announced MMXVIII-tour, from which the ticket sales have started already.

The very first full length studio album of My Indigo is expected to drop March 9, 2018. More information will be announced soon.

My Indigo

The very first single off of the 2018-upcoming studio album of My Indigo had its live premier in the early morning, on NPO Radio 2. Listen to it here;

The Rose

Next to the lead single, My Indigo also performed “The Rose”, originally performed by Bette Midler.