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“Liefde voor Muziek” in Spain!
21 October 2017

Today, Sharon den Adel and the other six artists departed from Antwerp Airport Deurne, to participate in the VTM TV show “Liefde voor Muziek”. They will be together to cover known tracks. Their destination: Spain!

Liefde voor Muziek

On October 20, Coco Jr, Silvy De Bie, Sharon den Adel, Jasper Steverlink, Niels Destadsbader and Helmut Lotti flew to Sitges, Spain. There they will be joined with K’s Choice’s Gert and Sarah. On the airport, the artists were asked which song they would cover and also, if they dare to dream, by whom they would love to get covered by.

The Rose in Spain

Sharon den Adel: “I would love to get covered by Kurt Cobain… Yeah, I know, but he is my biggest hero of all time”, she laughs. “But when we talk about the living, for sure Tori Amos”.
On the question which song she’s going to cover on her adventure in Spain, Sharon answered; “I’ve done this before, and I’m going to do it again. The Rose by Beth Midler”.

Watch the video below.