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Sharon at Liefde voor Muziek
01 September 2017

Belgian TV channel VTM today announced Sharon den Adel will join their 2018 season of “Liefde voor Muziek”. Seven artists will join this TV show to rearrange songs of each other. “Covering tracks from other artists is a thing I’ve done in the past before, but this a different concept!”, Sharon said.

Liefde voor Muziek

After the 2017 edition of “Liefde voor Muziek”, VTM wanted to prepare itself for a new season. They searched, and found seven new artists to join their group of singer-songwriters. They will travel to a new location this October, to criticise each others songs and rearrange them.

Q-Music Sessions

Sharon is not new to covering tracks, with Within Temptation they covered 13 tracks, from which 11 released on their 2013 record “The Q-Music Sessions“. Together with “Liefde voor Muziek”, Sharon will now cover tracks while the original singer of the song is right here to give real-time feedback.

“Whole different concept”

Sharon is already excited to participate in VTM “Liefde voor Muziek”. “This is a whole new adventure. I’ve done cover songs in the past, but this is a whole different concept”, she tells VTM. “The diversity of artists makes me very curious. It will be a fun experience to give existing tracks my twist. Of course, I’m also very excited to hear how they will rearrange some of my Within Temptation tracks”.

“Liefde voor Muziek” will air somewhere 2018, on VTM.

Sharon den Adel of Within Temptation will join Belgian artists during Liefde voor Muziek on VTM.

Promotional poster for VTM “Liefde voor Muziek”. Click to enlarge.